WWE News: Did WWE Secretly Sign Samoa Joe At WWE NXT Tapings This Past Week?

It has been rumored for months that former TNA star Samoa Joe could very well end up in WWE, specifically working with WWE NXT in his first run with the company. The rumors really got flowing with news that Triple H is a huge fan of Joe. The idea is that Triple H has wanted Samoa Joe to work with WWE for some time, but he has obviously been with TNA, which killed off any possibility of that happening. That is, until now.

Many were stunned that WWE would even consider bringing in someone past 35 as a new addition to the company. However, Samoa Joe is beloved among many fans and can still wrestle quite well. WWE usually brings people in under 30, as they don't want to bank their company on people who cannot commit a good 10 years to WWE. This is why we see more people brought in around 25 or 26 than 31 or 32.

This changed a bit when WWE brought in KENTA, now known as Hideo Itami. The difference between Itami and Joe is that Itami can help with WWE's international appeal, specifically in Japan. It is clear that Itami is a big star there, so WWE knew bringing him in would help them in that market. For the most part, it has. Meanwhile, Joe does have international appeal, but he is simply just liked by a ton of people and not a specific country or group.

Due to the fact that many wrestlers have supported the idea of Joe coming to WWE as well as several fans around the world, Triple H was more than happy to look into it. Samoa Joe was telling people at Indy shows during WrestleMania week that he was indeed headed to WWE. Recently, we found out that Joe recently met with Triple H at recent WWE NXT tapings. This was said to have been planned for some time.

It is said that Joe has to still pass medical testing. Once those results come back, WWE may very well sign Joe. Rumors coming from the meeting are that Joe and Triple H very well could have agreed to tentative terms on a WWE deal. Of course, this all depends on him passing the tests. Due to the meeting as well, fans have already made memes and posters with Joe containing the WWE NXT Live Special date: May 20, 2015.

It has been said that Joe could be with WWE by June. However, Joe is certainly available by the live special date. So there would be no reason to not have him come in if he is under contract by then.

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