Kris Jenner's Naked Video Hack From Her iCloud Is Talk Of 'KUWTK' Episode [Videos]

Now that Bruce Jenner's full interview with Diane Sawyer on the recently aired 20/20 special showing has gone viral -- having received 17 million viewers on TV and thousands of other viewers online, as reported by the Inquisitr, fans are keeping sharp sets of eyes tuned to the rest of the Kardashian Family for their reactions, as well as looking toward Kris Jenner for her views on the family changes. For her part, Jenner has called Bruce a hero on Twitter.

However, with video clips that preview the happenings to come on Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, such as the below one titled "Kris Jenner's Naked Hack Takes a Scary Turn," proves that all is not happy at the family matriarch's home. In the video snippet, Kris can be seen talking on the phone with an assistant who tells her that a naked video of Jenner was taken when someone hacked her system and was able to obtain a video of Kris changing via her closet camera. The woman tells Kris that the video contains footage of her naked that the hackers were able to obtain from her iCloud -- and that they are demanding money for the video, which Kris asks if the hackers plan to release. Jenner seems upset, calling the hackers' actions extortion.

In other upcoming scenes from the reality TV show, Scott Disick is shown talking with Khloe about how bad it is to have sex with his pregnant wife Kourtney, and voices his concerns that Kourtney let him perform landscaping in her nether regions for her nude photo shoot, but refused to do so for Scott during the previous times he's asked her to do so. Disick seemed worried that Kourtney walked around the photo shoot naked with other guys there, and Khloe pontificated that perhaps Kourtney was looking for a new man.

Lastly, other updates from the show prove that Kris is so concerned with security around her house after receiving creepy packages, as reported by Us, that Jenner hires armed guards to patrol her house.

Other scenes show Kris' daughters trying to dissuade their mother from smoking cigarettes along with her glasses of wine by dumping water on her from a balcony.

[Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]