Twitter Messaging Allows Anyone To Send You A Message, Even If You Are Not Connected, Many Worried About Privacy

Much like changes to Facebook, Twitter users become leery when changes are made to Twitter's design, causing concern of over complication to the already simple system. However, a new change to Twitter, implemented today, has some users worried about their privacy, and for good cause.

As of today, Twitter is allowing anyone to send a direct message to anyone else, regardless if they are connected or not. In the past, a private message could only be sent if two users were following each other, making it difficult to communicate if only one person followed the other. Now, the private messaging system is open for all direct messages, regardless of connection.

Twitter's move to allow private messages to be shared among everyone may be shocking in a time where privacy is a hot topic. Many are concerned that an overabundance of messages from porn bots, Nigerian scammers promising wealth with a deposit, or creepy messages from internet stalkers will soon fill their inbox. Metro shared Twitter's message to its users.

"Today, we're changing how direct messaging works so that it's even easier for you to communicate one-to-one or with a chosen group of people, anywhere in the world. Previously, if you wanted to send a Direct Message to the ice cream shop down the street about how much you love their salted caramel flavor, you'd have to ask them to follow you first."

Twitter continue the explanation, hoping to expand upon what they already shared.

"With today's changes, the ice cream shop can opt to receive Direct Messages from anyone; so you can privately send your appreciation for the salted caramel without any barriers."

Despite the intrusive update that has people worried about privacy, Twitter ensured that the option to receive direct messages from anyone is an option, not a requirement, according to Time. In order to opt in, a Twitter user must manually make the change -- unlike Facebook that assumes everyone wants the new options from an update -- and has made the process rather simple.


With over 288 million Twitter users, opening up direct messaging to receive private messaged from anyone may prove to be overwhelming for some, and opportunistic for others. However, if a user decides to make the change to receive direct messages from anyone, he or she can always switch back if necessary.

How do you feel about the new change? Are you willing to open up your inbox to messages from anyone?

[Photo Courtesy: Daily Genius]