Facebook Preparing To Change Notifications, Preparing To Include 'Relevant Content About Everything'

Changes to Facebook settings and layouts are predictably followed by months of complaints form users that share their desire to switch back the previous version, rejecting the change that Facebook implemented. Users of the free social media site eventually become accustomed to the change and continue using Facebook as they always had without further complaint, until the next change arrives. Facebook is currently working on a change to the notifications system that will allow the system to become more dynamic and competitive to rivals, such as Twitter and Google +. However, some Facebook users are concerned that it might be too busy for their needs or it might intrude on their personal space.

A spokesperson from Facebook shared that notifications will go beyond just birthdays and who commented on a post, but also show locations of nearby friends and local business hours, according to Metro U.K. Essentially, Facebook is looking to expand beyond your immediate network and become a one stop source of local information.

"We are testing an updated notifications tab that adds additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day."
The new notifications portion of Facebook will include Birthdays, just as it has for quite some time, reminding users of each friend's special day. In addition to birthdays, life events will also become available so you can with a friend congratulations on an achievement or share sorrow for a loss. Life events will only show for what happens in the current day. Events will remain, sharing about local parties, concerts, and whatever your friends want to share. Trending topics will be included in the notifications as well, providing a glimpse at what is happening across the internet. Local news will accompany the trending topics, allowing users to see viral stories from your locality and other locally trending topics. Today in the past will allow users a similar experience to TimeHop, a popular Facebook app. Finally, Nearby Friends will allow you to see when friends are nearby at a restaurant or other locality. Nearby friends will be implemented for mobile devices only.

PC Magazine stated that the new notifications system may seem overwhelming to Facebook users that reject change from the free social media site. However, Facebook will most likely allow some sort of customization to the new notifications.

There is not currently an estimated time of roll out for the new notification system, but will probably arrive in waves as most Facebook updates do, starting with mobile devices.

[Image via Gil C / Shutterstock.com]