Here's How To Turn Your Apple Watch Gold [Video]

The gold Apple Watch Edition is not one that is attainable by most, as it comes with a hefty $12,000 price tag -- a price that not many would want to fork over for a fancy timepiece. But, with around $400 to spare, you can turn your regular Apple Watch into a "luxury" model.

With just some tape and a $10 can of spray paint, YouTuber Casey Neistat cleverly offers an option to potentially save over $11,000.

In the video, titled "How to Turn Your Apple Watch Gold," Neistat first compares the price of a 42mm 18-karat yellow gold Apple Watch Edition with a 42mm silver aluminum Apple Watch Sport. Then, with masking tape, a knife, a can of gold spray paint, and a steady hand, he was able to artificially transform the Apple timepiece.

After removing the Apple Watch's bands, he covers the face and the back sensors with tape, then cuts away the excess pieces, leaving the aluminum sides exposed, which he then sprays gold.

turn apple watch gold

Now, if you're not willing to risk destroying a $400 investment, it would not be recommended to try this at home.

turn apple watch gold

At close inspection, this Apple Watch "upgrade" isn't all that convincing, but if you're looking to impress from a distance, it may just work.

[Image via Apple/YouTube]