Israeli Prime Minister Encourages Jewish Immigration At Bible Quiz Event

Of all the many responsibilities the Israeli Prime Minister has on his or her shoulders, the question of increased immigration to the Jewish State is always one that is poignant.

For his part, the current Israeli premier, Benjamin Netanyahu, has always openly encouraged immigration to Israel and he reiterated that sentiment on Thursday at the annual International Bible Quiz for Jewish Youth in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister spoke to the crowd.

"The State of Israel could not exist without the blessed immigration from all corners of the globe. This is the central foundation of Zionism, a movement that sees returning to Zion as the most worthy cause and views Israel as the home of all Jews around the world. Today, after all, it is obvious that this is home, this is where a Jew can walk in the street and say: 'I am Jewish', 'Je suis Juif.'"
Netanyahu went on to speak about the concept of Zionism, talking about the long Jewish exile as well as the connection of the Jewish people to the biblical land of Israel.
"Whence did Zionism take this value of returning from exile? From the Bible, from the visions of the prophets on assembling Jews from all places to our historical homeland, from east and west, north and south. These prophecies, where every phase engulfs thousands of years, are being fulfilled before our very eyes."
In explaining his vision and that of many leaders before him, Netanyahu spoke about how vital Jewish immigration is to Israel, for boosting the Jewish State in a variety of ways.
"Each wave of immigration greatly boosts the development of the country and this is why I call on you too — the young people here today who come from abroad — I say to you: Go home, speak about the experience of visiting this country and about the experiences of this quiz, and then I ask — come back to us, to Eretz Israel! Immigrate to the State of Israel, we await you with open arms."
Netanyahu's talk of Jews moving to Israel en-masse comes following an increased threat to Jewish communities in America, but more so in Europe following the recent events in Paris at the hands of radical Islamists.

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