One Direction One Month Later: Post-Zayn Malik Fans Speak

On March 25, One Direction officially announced that Zayn Malik would be leaving the band. The Facebook announcement left many fans reeling — and some are still in mourning a month later.

On the other hand, One Direction’s official band page on Twitter does not show any references to Zayn Malik — and instead encourages fans to donate to those victimized in Nepal by the April 25 earthquake. As a matter of fact, the most that One Direction or fans have heard from Zayn Malik on the anniversary of him quitting is a tweet refuting that he was doing a meet-and-greet in Dorchester, England.

Over the past month, the attitude toward Zayn Malik quitting One Direction has softened compared to the initial reaction of some fans.

UnReality TV says about Zayn Malik initially quitting One Direction, “At that point, some fans turned against him and branded him ‘selfish’ for abandoning Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson and forcing them to continue One Direction’s On the Road Again Tour without him.”


To show that they have forgiven Zayn Malik for his decision to leave One Direction, fans have turned out on social media to show they still cared — all while remarking about life post-Zayn.

On Twitter, April 25 had a popular hashtag circulating where One Direction fans cashed in their top memories. This hashtag’s idea to get you to remember where you were when you heard the One Direction bad news reflects a popular way that people remembered where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated. Obviously, the news about Zayn Malik hit One Direction fans in a way they will never forget.

For example, One Direction fan @FloralZaynie says, “This was the day that I learned that crying too much can cause a severe headache.”

Metro posted several tweets from One Direction fans about Zayn’s 1-D departure one-month anniversary.

Included is @Shelby_1D, who states, “#WhereIWasWhenZaynQuit: On a packed bus on the way home from town. I tried to keep tears in till I got home, didn’t work though.”

Another popular re-tweeted phrase in addition to #WhereIWasWhenZaynQuit concerning One Direction was “Four in our eyes, but Five in our hearts.”


As the day moved on, One Direction fans started to tweet about other things related to Zayn quitting, but were still using the #WhereIWasWhenZaynQuit hashtag. Some were posting fan-made pictures of the band with new images of Zayn Malik with a shaved head transposed on top of the new four-member One Direction photo without Zayn (that is posted on Modest Management’s website).

One Direction fans also posted about how Zayn Malik’s tweets about One Direction in the past now “make sense.”


For the record, when this author found out that Zayn Malik quit One Direction, I was going to the bank. Instead of going shopping afterward, I told my best friend, photographer Whit Forrester, that we had to go home immediately so I could write up the sad news for the Inquisitr.

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