Nepal Earthquake: Major Aftershock Hits Nepal Causing Fresh Damage, New Avalanches Reported From Mt. Everest

Twenty-four hours after the devastating Nepal Earthquake that left thousands dead, we now have reports coming in of a major aftershock in the area.

According to NBC News, the aftershock which hit the same area as the previous earthquake measured 6.7 on the Richter scale, which is destructive enough on its own. The new aftershocks has also triggered fresh avalanches on Mt. Everest, reports CNN. It is unclear if more deaths and injuries have happened following the fresh aftershocks that followed the Nepal earthquake. People from neighboring India too reported feeling the effects of the strong aftershock.

According to eyewitnesses, the aftershock led to panic in the capital city of Kathmandu, which was the most affected by yesterday's earthquake. Scores of people, already traumatized by yesterday's earthquake, ran out into the open streets when the earth shook again. The United States Geological Survey has confirmed that the aftershock was quite significant in impact. The night after the Nepal earthquake, people chose to sleep in the open.

Meanwhile, the death toll from yesterday's earthquake is climbing fast. As of now, the death toll stands at over 2,000 people. The capital city of Kathmandu alone has seen 721 confirmed deaths. There have been casualties in neighboring India as well with 60 people individuals reportedly killed there. Humanitarian efforts are underway to help the people affected by the earthquake. However, the initial priority is to rescue several people believed to be still trapped under the debris.

The rescue efforts are led by India, which started the campaign by landing an aircraft in Nepal with 43 tons of relief material. They have also flown in 200 rescue experts to help the people trapped.

On Mount Everest, rescue helicopters were used to airlift people trapped in several base camps, which are now no longer accessible following the avalanches that followed the Nepal earthquake. Seventeen bodies have been recovered from the world's highest mountain.

Several other countries and non-governmental organizations are lining up to help the Nepali people. The U.S. has pledged a sum of $1 million in aid. China is sending a team of 62 people to help the efforts while Pakistan is sending a team of doctors. There are several ways in which you can donate and help the people affected by the 2015 Nepal earthquake. The Inquisitr previously reported about the various ways in which you can contribute.

[Photo by Omar Havana/Getty Images]