‘The Good Wife’ Preview: Alicia’s Short-Lived Tenure As State’s Attorney [Video]

The Good Wife is moving rapidly towards its season finale, and Alicia’s political career seems destined to come to a screeching halt. In a new preview clip of Sunday night’s episode, “The Deconstruction,” Alicia gives a speech to a packed room of reporters, her husband Peter at her side, saying she has decided to withdraw her name from the race for State’s Attorney.

After speaking to the crowd, Peter grasps Alicia’s hand and they exit the room. In a near-empty hallway, she stops and has a desperate question for her husband.

This season will see the exit of Archie Panjabi from the program. It’s unclear how Kalinda Sharma will be written out of the series; her recent dealings with Lemond Bishop and the serious implications of her illegal actions to get Cary out of prison seem poised to affect her before season’s end.

In an interview last week for TV Line, showrunners Michelle and Robert King discussed Kalinda’s unique circumstances this season and how she might — or might not — escape them. Robert noted Sharma’s problems have become particularly complex.

“Kalinda is in deeper water than she’s ever been before. The real question is whether she brings herself back from the exhaustion you correctly pinpointed, and that, I think, is true. Archie is always the most fun as an actress when she does that — when you see that spark in her eye, like, ‘OK, now I know what I need to do.'”

Both TV Line and CarterMatt noted that Alicia and Kalinda’s friendship has been neglected over the past couple of seasons, following the revelation that Kalinda and Peter had been intimately involved. In another preview clip for Sunday’s episode, Kalinda shows up unannounced at Alicia’s apartment, and the cool investigator becomes emotional as she looks at family photos that include Alicia.

The preview clip will leave fans wondering what possessed Kalinda to stop over at Alicia’s, and what kind of conversation the two women might have.

The Kings also declined to comment on whether Matthew Goode, who plays Alicia’s lawyer friend and almost-love interest Finn, will return next season. The pair implied that the contracts are not final yet for the new year.

“Can we leave that a little open at the moment? We’re lining up casting for next year, and not all the Ts are crossed and the Is are dotted yet.”

The Good Wife airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on CBS and the season finale is set for May 10.

[Julianna Margulies image courtesy of Getty]