Jodi Arias Reportedly Getting Special Treatment In Perryville Prison

It hasn’t even been a month and Jodi Arias has reportedly made herself right at home at Perryville prison in Goodyear, Arizona. According to ABC News 15, the convicted killer has been getting “special accommodations,” contrary to previous reports that claimed the killer is in a “hardcore” environment void of extra amenities. This news is probably going to anger those who are still fuming over the fact that the woman didn’t get the death penalty.

The Arizona Department of Corrections reportedly denies claims that Arias is getting special treatment due to her celebrity status while at Perryville. However, an inmate named Cristy Olivas claims she’s being given things that other prisoners don’t get — such as her own private rec room with carpeting and a television. Oliva’s sister spoke to the media about the inmate’s claims.

“The whole prison got shut down just for Jodi’s arrival and Jodi was greeted by everyone there, all the wardens, the officials, everybody. They’re saying she’s going to get her own rec room with carpet, and normally you don’t have carpet in there, and she has TV in the rec room and usually the TV only stays in your prison cell.”

A representative for the AZDOC admits that Jodi Arias has had access to her own private recreation area. However, they claim that this is standard protocol for maximum security prisoners — especially since Arias is reportedly under solitary confinement. Clearly, if she’s in solitary, she can’t be in the general rec room with the rest of the prison population.

The Christian Post has reported that Jodi’s new life in prison is a gloomy experience. She’s in a small room by herself 23 hours a day in solitary confinement, which could last years depending on how well she eventually acclimates to the population. This Inquisitr post asks if it’s fair for the convicted killer to be put in solitary confinement for such a long time when many experts consider it to be a form of inhumane treatment. However, if she’s getting special accommodations, her treatment can’t be all that inhumane. Nonetheless, she’s only been at Perryville for a short time and things can change.

Do you believe the latest claims being made about Jodi Arias? If she is getting “special treatment” while at Perryville, the other inmates will likely continue speaking out about it. On the other hand, that special treatment could be nothing more than the standard transition process for fresh maximum security inmates like the AZDOC representative claimed.

[Photo: Jodi Arias personal ‘modeling’ photo]