Calf Has Five Mouths, Ten Lips, And It Can Still Eat! [Video]

Deformed animals, especially cows, are not totally uncommon. These mutated calves occur when one twin consumes the other while still inside the womb. What is, uncommon, however, is when a calf is born with five mouths and ten lips.

It happened on a dairy farm in near Narnaul in Northern India. The little guy is creating quite the stir. Cows are revered in India and many visitors are flocking to the farm to celebrate the five-mouthed creature. Visitors wish to pray to the mutated calf and touch its hooves.

The five mouthed calf has been named "Nandi," a nickname for Lord Krishna. It also means "one who pleases others" reports Huffington Post.

According to, the mutant baby cow is thriving. Only two of its mouth are functional, but the calf gets fed three times a day. He can even suckle on his mom, though he appears to have some trouble doing so. He does have problems with vision due to his distorted head, but other than that, the calf with ten lips seems to be healthy and happy.
"Local vet Sukhbir Singh said that despite Nandi's appearance, he is healthy and thriving. But the calf's two eyes are positioned in such a way on his distorted head that he can only see to his sides and can't look in front of him. One eye is blue and the other black."
According to the Daily Mail, Nandi is believed to have the most mouths of any mutated bovine. Cows often given birth to only one or two calves a year. Having a face with ten lips means the mother was initially pregnant with an unprecedented five fetuses. Something went wrong during the pregnancy, and four of the fetuses absorbed into one, giving the world Nandi: the ten-lipped, five-mouthed calf.

Since all of the mouths are connected to only one brain, all five pairs of lips move when Nandi suckles for milk.

While Nandi, the calf with five mouths, may be strange to look at, he is an amazing animal. To be deemed healthy and thriving with such a deformity is impressive. Hopefully this little guy grows up to be an impressive bull.

What would you do if one of your animals gave birth to an offspring with five mouths and ten lips?

[Photos via Daily Mail UK]