Who Killed Chelsea Bruck? Decomposing Remains Identified As Missing Michigan Woman

Remains found in a rural part of Carleton, Michigan, have been positively identified as Chelsea Bruck. Now authorities are on the hunt for a killer after they’ve confirmed that the once-missing woman was a victim of homicide. The Detroit Free Press confirmed this identification, along with some other disturbing details in the woman’s case. Will authorities be able to track down the killer or killers, or will another six months — or more — crawl by without answers?

Bruck’s decomposing remains were discovered almost exactly six months to the day that she went missing — which was in October of 2014. She vanished while attending a Halloween party, wearing a homemade “Poison Ivy” comic book character costume. Authorities have confirmed that the items of clothing found weeks ago at another location were indeed the pieces of the costume that Chelsea was wearing the night she vanished. The discovery of the clothing along with the location of the remains have authorities convinced that Chelsea Bruck was murdered.

Many people are reeling from the news that these remains have been identified as the missing woman. To those who have had hope for Bruck’s loved ones, this comes as a crushing reality — that Bruck was murdered and was never going to come home safely. Now a killer is at large but is there even enough evidence for authorities to be able to find out who this killer even is? Fox News reports that some kind of evidence was found on the costume that was found weeks ago — but what kind of evidence was it?

Chelsea Bruck’s loved ones are asking for privacy during this time while they face their worst nightmares and try to mourn in peace, and not in the public eye. However, the slain woman’s brother did release a statement declaring that they would not give up the search for justice.

” I want to thank everyone for their efforts. And while this may be the end of the search, it is also a new beginning. The beginning of the search for justice for my sister.”

If you know anything about the disappearance and murder of Chelsea Bruck, you are encouraged to contact the Monroe County Sheriff at (734) 240-7700. Any information, at this point, may prove useful.

[Photo: Find Chelsea Bruck Facebook page]