WWE News: Mick Foley's 'Cheap Pops' To Air On WWE Network This Week

Mick Foley's one-man comedy show, "Cheap Pops", was taped last night at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida. WWE had filmed the Foley show for a future broadcast on the WWE Network. According to a report out today from PWInsider, the Foley show will premiere this Wednesday night. The show will air as a one-hour special.

Though Foley's show has traditionally been a one-man deal, with it being advertised as such since he started touring the country doing the comedy routine a few years back, Friday night's taping at Full Sail University featured several wrestling legends, both in attendance and on the stage.

According to reports from the taping, Jim Ross opened up the show. He reportedly talked about his time spent in the wrestling business, mentioning how he lived out a personal dream by doing so. He also revealed that Jerry Lawler and Paul Heyman were his favorite broadcast partners during his career. Ross was on stage for roughly 30 minutes.

Noelle Foley, the daughter of Mick Foley, came on stage next to introduce her father. Mick Foley's set, which blurs the lines between plain old storytelling and comedy, was said to be "pure gold" by one fan in attendance who wrote in to PWInsider. At one point during the show, Foley brought his autistic son out on to the stage to demonstrate his ability at playing the drums, something he taught himself to do. Fans in attendance stated that that this was a remarkably touching moment, and it's something fans will likely want to keep an eye out for when watching the show this Wednesday night on the WWE Network.

Mick Foley was on stage for around one hour, and other topics covered during the show included: Mick's thoughts on Brock Lesnar ending The Undertaker's streak, Mick talking about his first match in WCW, what Vince McMahon thought of Foley during his early days in WWE (1996), and Foley's own thoughts on his physical ability in the wrestling ring.

Outside of the introduction given by Jim Ross at the start of the show, the only other wrestling personality that was officially part of the broadcast was NXT's Greg Hamilton. Hamilton served as the host for the show throughout the night.

Following the show, Foley had been scheduled for a meet and greet with the fans who attended the taping; however, the meet and greet was cancelled due to an issue with the venue. It was also announced that Foley will be returning for more one-man shows in July.

[Image via Courant.com]