Monkey Dropkicks Man After He’s Flipped Off: Monkey Shown Disrespect Pounces On Man [Video]

A monkey dropkicked a man after he thought it would be funny to flip off the animal by giving him the middle finger. Evidently, this monkey knew exactly what that crass gesture meant, because he launched an attack on the guy right away.

The incident happened in Shimla in Northern India. As New York Daily News reports, it’s a “monkey-laden” region, so it’s common to see monkeys all around. The simian monkey in the video below jumps a guy after he’s shown disrespect for no reason at all. It began when two guys walked past him at a market area in the capital city of the Himachal Pradesh state. At first the animal was hard to spot, but one of the guys looks down at the monkey and flips him off. All of a sudden you see the monkey jump on a higher fixture, bearing his teeth at him before dropkicking the man to the ground. The guy gets up looking somewhat embarrassed and walks off. His other friend went back to pick up something he dropped when he fell to the ground.

After the monkey dropkicked the man to the ground, he leaped back up to his spot, watching the guy intently to make sure he’s not about to pull that again.