Teen Attacked: Rice In Boiling Water Doused On Sleeping Georgia Teen Resulting In Coma

Damon Clay is in a medically-induced coma after a horrific incident that family members say nearly claimed his life. The Atlanta teen was attacked Monday while sleeping, and was critically burned with rice. The hot boiling water left the 17-year-old scarred on over 70 percent of his body. Police arrested two suspects in the rice attack on the teenager. Allegedly, the dispute took place over a PlayStation 3, this according to a WYFF4 news report.

Clay is currently hospitalized at Grady Memorial in Georgia. Doctors placed him in a coma as part of his treatment for suffering widespread burns over his body. Family members say the boy was attacked with a concoction of hot rice and water while he slept on a couch.

Malik Moton, 18, and Quintavious Barber, 19, were booked with several charges for the brutal assault on Clay. Apparently, the boys hatched a plan to retaliate against the burn victim for allegedly stealing a video game or console; it’s not clear in the information sourced at this time.

Kentaveus Watson, the renter of the apartment where the teen was attacked with rice, spoke with reporters about the incident. Reportedly, he witnessed the rice assault and says he is still traumatized by the degree of Clay’s injuries.

“It scared me, really. Ever since it happened, I’ve been sleeping on the couch right where he got burned.”

Laprell Grant, a neighbor, was shocked by the news the teen was burned, attacked with boiling rice. In their mind, everyone involved in the apartment at the time of the incident was related in some fashion. “They were friends. Everybody was supposed to be friends,” Grant told journalists investigating the story.

Family members are outraged at the attackers for burning their relative in such a brutal manner. Additionally, some have spoken out against the criminal justice system; they hold it indirectly accountable for the boy’s personal troubles.

According to unnamed kin of the burned teenager, Clay has been in trouble with the law in the past. Recently, he served time in jail on burglary charges, but was released for agreeing to take part in a rehabilitation program with a local non-profit agency in East Point.

As part of the arrangement, a minister with the program “promised a judge he’d provide Clay shelter, and guidance.” Nevertheless, family members allege that Clay was transient and bunked with family and friends on occasion, often on couches.

Doctors intend to bring the teen out of the coma in order to perform surgery. However, Clay’s aunt, who wishes to remain anonymous, believes there is a long road ahead for her nephew in terms of any eventual recovery.

“He’s scarred for the rest of his life. His life will never be the same. I’d rather my nephew be in jail than to be here.”

For their alleged role in attacking the teen with boiling rice, the two suspects face aggravated assault and cruelty to a child charges.

[Photo by StavishClan]