Lana Del Rey’s Almost Sold Out Endless Summer Tour

Lana Del Rey posted to her Facebook page on April 25 a picture of her beaming smile with her hands making the shape of a heart. With Lana Del Rey, it is always big love for the fans, and things are bubbling up as she is getting ready to start her Endless Summer tour.

Sadly, there is one thing that Lana Del Rey fans need to know about her tour. Mainly, if you were thinking Lana Del Rey’s Endless Summer tour would come with an endless supply of tickets, think again. With less than two weeks before her tour begins in Woodlands, Texas, Lana Del Rey’s TicketMaster web page now says “very few left” next to almost every date on her 24-city tour.

Of course, most eyes are trained on Lana Del Rey at the moment due to her contribution for the Age of Adaline soundtrack, but there are rumors that her band is officially practicing to get ready for the Endless Summer tour. There are also signs of Lana Del Rey and the upcoming tour, such as the new promo images fans captured this week.


Since Lana Del Rey announced her Endless Summer tour in December, she has added Courtney Love and Grimes to the bill. Billboard Magazine notes that Courtney Love will be a part of the Lana Del Rey tour from May 7 to May 22, with the rest of the dates picked up by Grimes. The Endless Summer tour will end on June 16 with no further plans from Lana Del Rey announced at this time.

If you are willing to go anywhere in America to see Lana Del Rey, there are a couple of cities that still have plenty of tickets. For example, StubHub shows that Lana Del Rey’s June 9 performance in Mansfield, Massachusetts, still has over 2,000 tickets left.


However, most fans will be disappointed to note that almost all of Lana Del Rey’s concerts for Endless Summer are either sold out or nearing the end of availability.

Naturally, there are plenty of fans showing their love for all things Lana Del Rey on Twitter, and they are dancing in their seats with excitement about the tour.

Lana Del Rey fan @Syd wrote, “A month till the Endless Summer tour. Got me so hyped to see the Queen.”

Twitter user @HelenLemon_ posted, “Yesssss Slay @LanaDelRey Can’t wait for Endless Summer Tour.”

Finally, if it has been awhile since you looked at the tour schedule, note that Lana Del Rey also added another tour date in April for June 6 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Borgata Hotel.

To stay abreast of all things Lana Del Rey during the busy tour season, including any unexpected cancellations or show date changes, consult the Lana Del Rey web page.

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[Feature image via Lana Del Rey’s Facebook page]