Tim Jefferson Beating Video: Gay High School Student Brutally Attacked, Stabbed With Screwdriver While Principal And Teachers Did Nothing

Tim Jefferson was attacked by a mob of students at Carver School of Technology who beat and even stabbed him with a screwdriver, all while teachers and the principal reportedly watched and did nothing.

Jefferson, an openly gay student, said he was walking out his classroom with a friend when some students began to taunt him with racial and homophobic slurs. The students then attacked, with several of them landing blows and kicks while someone in the crowd pulled out a screwdriver, stabbing Jefferson just underneath his eye.

Tim Jefferson said the fight left him with cuts and bruises across his body.

“My face, my eye, my lip, on my back, my spine right in the middle, the back of my neck and I got hit in the back of my head,” Jefferson said.

The attack on Tim Jefferson was caught on cell phone video, which shows the teen being pummeled by several other students as others cheered on.