Justin Bieber Crashes High School Prom He Never Had, Gets Mobbed

Justin Bieber didn’t get to go to his own prom. The former child star famously received his graduation certificate on the Ellen show back in 2012. A traditional prom? Not so much.

Until last night.

Justin Bieber crashed Chatsworth Charter High School 2015 prom in Chatsworth, Calif., on Saturday (April 26).

Model pal Hailey Baldwin, her friend Gabby Westbrook, songwriter and producer Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd, and others also rocked up to the seniors’ throwdown.

Justin danced with the prom queen before he was whisked away by his bodyguards.

@justinbieber Thanks for coming to our prom I love you you made chatsworths prom the best

— Carleen (@carlyvdub) April 26, 2015

As it turned out, there is a logical explanation why the Biebs was at Chatsworth’s prom.

According to tweets posted by students who attended, the singer was recording at the on-site Jim Henson studio, which is where the ball was held.

@emileeeee__ he was doing a voice recording in their studio, which was where our prom was. Lmao.

—.IJustCan’t. (@lindseeyjaay) April 26, 2015

Incidentally, Chatsworth High School’s Drama Department boasts famous alum including Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, and Mare Winningham.

Videos show Justin getting mobbed on the dancefloor amid delighted screams of guests. And the heartthrob certainly looked as if he was enjoying every minute of the mayhem.

Another clip revealed the “Where Are U Now” singer arriving at the prom, while one clearly shocked male student yelled out “Bieber! Bieber! Jack U! Jack U!”

And how’s this for kismet? A Chatsworth student and Belieber, identified as @stefany on Twitter, actually tweeted a prom invite to the singer the night before the bash.

Stefany retweeted messages from other attendees, one of whom said many students who previously claimed to dislike the singer welcomed him when they met him. She also claims the DJ played “Baby” in tribute to the Biebs.

More recollections by one reveler can be read here. The crowd started chanting “We want Justin” at one point [Scroll to video at the bottom of the page.]

Earlier on Friday, Hailey and Justin popped up in a Shots photo of them dining with a pal, and at Chatsworth’s studio.

Meanwhile, Hailey hinted at the surprise ahead, tweeting, “Does anyone wanna take me to prom?” Hours later, the Topshop model posted a selfie of her dancing, which she directed to Westbrook.

Gabby wrote, “Hailey and I just crashed a prom.”

Both models also stepped out with Justin and friends on Friday. First, to a college boxing match, then a Dave & Buster’s.

Doubtless, Saturday will be the night to remember. After all, it isn’t every day a superstar gets to crash a prom, which happens to be their first.

[Images via Shots/Instagram/Twitter]