Nepal Quake Update: Current Death Toll Rises To 1,400

Anna Johansson

The Earth was hit with another deadly natural disaster in the form of a Nepal quake, which occurred earlier today. The death count is currently at 1,400, according to the New York Times, and unfortunatelty, that number is predicted to rise significantly as more reports come in.

Experts rate the earthquake as a 7.8-magnitude, which is the worst disaster to hit Nepal in more than 80 years. The center of the quake began just outside Nepal's capital, Kathmandu, and was felt throughout the country and into India, Bangladesh, Tibet, and Pakistan. The tremors in the neighboring countries were strong enough to kill 50 people, with several more injured.

The devastation left Nepal citizens scrambling to survive out in the open, as they watched their homes crumble around them. When the tremors started, Nepal residents ran from their homes in an attempt to escape being crushed by the crumbling walls and furniture in their homes.

Though the initial shaking lasted only a few minutes, just before noon, strong aftershocks continued throughout the day, making it too dangerous to return inside. Citizens spent their time huddled in their vehicles parked in wide open areas, as they waited for the shocks to stop and for the all-clear announcement on the radio that would allow them to return inside. Meanwhile, they have made a makeshift camp in Tudikhel, which is a large, open space without buildings near the historic downtown area of Kathmandu.

Throughout the day, every hospital in the area was filled to bursting with the injured, as Nepal natives ran to the rescue of their neighbors. Using whatever tools they could get ahold of, they furiously dug through the wreckage, seeking to save their friends, family, and total strangers from being crushed or suffocated.

Relief materials were delivered immediately from India, with more to come from prominent world leaders. According to Gregory Katz's report on U.S. News, world leaders and charities are combining to help the victims.

The major quake also caused major damage on Mount Everest, according to an article posted earlier today on Inquisitr. The shake caused an avalanche which destroyed the base camp and killed 18 people. More than 30 have been injured, and as time goes on, rescuers expect those numbers to rise.

The devastation the quake caused will not be easy for Nepal to overcome. An already struggling nation, the disaster will cut the tourism industry significantly over the next few months as the country does it's best to reclaim its footing. The nation will need all the help it can get to rebuild both lives and the economy.

If you would like to send your support to the victims of the Nepal quake, check out these credible relief programs featured on USA Today.

[Image via CNN]