Norman Reedus Addresses ‘Walking Dead’ Fans’ Fears About Daryl Dixon Death ‘Evidence’

Norman Reedus recently denied the supposed evidence that his beloved Walking Dead character is going to be killed off in the near future.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, many Daryl Dixon fans were left devastated after reading reports that the actor was selling his home in Atlanta, Georgia. Because The Walking Dead is filmed nearby, many fans assumed that Norman Reedus decided to put the house up for sale because he discovered that his character was going to get killed off during season 6 of the popular AMC series.

Luckily for Daryl Dixon fans, Norman Reedus just can’t stand watching them worry about the fate of his Walking Dead character. During an interview with the Wrap, Norman revealed that the house sale reports are completely false.

“That’s not even my house,” Reedus said. “It’s a rumor.”

The digs in question included a wildflower garden (full of Cherokee roses, presumably), a pool (an outdoor bath for Daryl Dixon), and multiple balconies (zombie lookouts). After reading the rumors about the $585,000 mini-mansion, Norman hinted that he might be an interested buyer.

“I wish that was my house. It’s a nice house,” Reedus revealed.

You can hear Reedus address the rumors below. He also makes a comment about his naked butt, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Daryl Dixon fans might be relieved to learn that Norman Reedus isn’t leaving Georgia just yet, but they have other reasons to be concerned. As the Inquisitr previously reported, The Walking Dead is going to introduce at least two new characters during season 6, and one of them might be a fan favorite from The Walking Dead comic books. Morgan Jones also returned during the season 5 finale, so the show could kill off a character or two to make more room for the new guys. According to the Newnan Times-Herald, The Walking Dead season 6 will begin filming in Senoia on May 4.

Even if Norman does get killed off during 6, his time on The Walking Dead has been one hell of a ride, and playing one of the most popular characters on the show has presented the actor with some pretty incredible opportunities. According to the Los Angeles Times, Norman Reedus revealed that he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams when he appeared on Saturday Night Live. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Daryl Dixon got to shoot arrows at zombie Pete Davidson.

While chatting with the LA Times, Reedus shared a bit of interesting Weekend Update trivia that he learned during his SNL gig.

“It was totally a bucket-list moment for me. The real weird thing was, I’m standing there offstage waiting to go on and I look at the guys and they’re sitting there at the [anchor] desk in shirts, ties and jackets from the waist up but from the waist down they’re in shorts and sneakers.”

Are you relieved that the rumors about Norman Reedus selling his house aren’t true, or are you still worried about Daryl Dixon’s fate on The Walking Dead?

[Image credit: Gene Page/AMC]