Eyewitness Wets Herself On Live TV After Warning Reporter ‘I Got To Pee’ [Video]

A Greenville, Mississippi, girl who witnessed an attack accidentally wet herself on live TV after repeatedly warning the reporter “I got to pee,” according to Mirror.

Alexis Frazier is a graduate at Florida A&M University, and has been a reporter at CBS affiliate WXVT since November, 2014. She was assigned to cover an attack that involved a shooting victim within the area.

While scavenging the area for a witnesses on Wednesday, she stumbled upon a young girl who appeared to have all the answers to her questions about the incident that took place earlier that day.

Apparently the young girl saw a man collapse onto her yard screaming, “Help me! Help me!” When paramedics arrived, it was concluded that he had been shot on the side, but that’s all that was revealed during the awkward interview that ended shortly.

The young girl who was on her way to the Boys and Girls Club when she told the reporter she saw the shooting victim collapse onto her front lawn. After her statement, her body language became peculiar. She began holding herself as if she had to use the restroom.

Ignoring her body language, Alexis began asking the young lady about the attack and what she saw. According to the video, the reporter also asked questions about what the victim said after he collapsed on the lawn. Before the witness responded, she began looking around as if something else was on her mind.

After a few moments, she responded with “Oh, I just heard him say ‘help me, help! I got to pee.”

“I got to pee” didn’t seem to register as Alexis responded with “Oh, is that what he said?” It was evident the reporter was uncertain what the witness was referring to.

However, she ignores the last statement and continues with the interview with “do you know where he was shot at on his body?”

“Um, I think…um…in the side right there,” the witness says still holding her private area.

“So, he was shot in his arm – arm and his leg or arm and his stomach?”

“I just peed on myself! I’m wet!” The witness exclaims.

“Oh, that’s okay don’t worry about it,” Alexis says to her silently as she pats her on the shoulder. It didn’t seem as if was registering that the witness had just peed on herself on live TV because Alexis continued on with the interview.

“So, um, afterwards…can you describe to people who don’t know him? His name was Michael, you said?”

“I think-,” the witness paused and gasps as she looks down at her stained pants.

It finally clicks that the girl has wet herself on live TV when Alexis looks down at her pants and sees the stain. She then asks to go to a commercial break.

[Image courtesy of YouTube snapshot]