Neil deGrasse Tyson Delightfully Breaks Down ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’

Neil deGrasse Tyson has delightfully broken down Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice in a way that only he could.

The renowned scientist and geek icon was one of the few voices that we heard in the first trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice when it premiered last week, and during his appearance on The Daily Show opposite Jon Stewart he was asked about the blockbuster.

deGrasse Tyson then broke down the film in a wonderful manner, revealing the conflict that will drive the film. After Stewart noted that, “Batman is just a guy with a nice belt,” deGrasse Tyson then responded in a deeper and more profound manner.

The pair made it clear that Batman, who will be portrayed by Ben Affleck, reports to Commissioner Gordon and the Mayor of Gotham. deGrasse Tyson then opened up even further by asking,”Who does Superman report to?” Stewart answered, “The guy in the ice castle. Jor-El.” This led deGrasse Tyson to explain:

“Yeah, so nobody we know. Nobody we have any insight into. He just behaves in any way he wants. And so at the end of the day, what might matter is the public reception of the superhero’s conduct. And if Batman executes our wishes in the city, and the Superman does whatever he wants: that’s a conflict.”

You can check out his full response to Stewart’s Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice question below.

deGrasse Tyson and Stewart’s patter saw them exchange thoughts on a number of topics including whether humans might ever live on Mars and deGrasse Tyson’s upcoming show, Star Talk.

It was also revealed that Jon Stewart studied chemistry and that the host had previously explained to deGrasse Tyson why his favorite element is carbon. Stewart’s explanation for that choice is because carbon can “combine with all other elements on the table,” which basically makes it “the slut of the periodic table of elements.”

This isn’t the first that deGrasse Tyson has intimately analysed a Hollywood blockbuster. At the end of last year, he explained the science behind Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar, and his thoughts then proceeded to go viral.

[Image via The Federalist]