Woman Who Replaced Pasta With Veggies Lost 24 Pounds In Just Two Months

When it comes to dieting, everyone has a different opinion about what makes you lose weight and what doesn’t. This frequently includes fad diets, which can even be damaging to a person’s health.

When writer Ali Maffucci decided it was time to shed some pounds, she felt the best way to do that was to keep it simple — and that’s precisely what she did.

In her quest to lose weight, Ali did one simple thing: switching pasta and bread to spiralized veggies she made using her beloved spiralizer.

She explained, “Many of us do tend to overload our plates with pasta, rice, bread and potatoes when they are on offer. A well-balanced meal should be a quarter protein, a quarter carbohydrate and half fruit and vegetables, so the spiralizer could play a really useful role in redressing the nutritional balance in a carb-heavy diet.”

Due to the fact she worked from home, Ali said she always grazed on snacks during the day when taking breaks from her writing.

She explained, “It wasn’t necessarily that I was eating unhealthy food, it was more that I was eating a lot of healthy food. I was eating a half a tub of almond butter instead of a little bit with an apple slice or the whole tub of hummus. I was snacking on many healthy things, but eating too many of them.”

She said this led to her constantly feeling tired, adding, “I felt like I was very lazy, even at night time. My fiancé would come home and I would make dinner for him, and by the time we were done I would be exhausted, and I would just lay on the couch and probably snack on more food.”

Speaking about her new spiralized food, Ali explained, “It’s such a fun way to eat, you never get bored of what you’re eating. It’s healthy and it makes you feel good. I felt satisfied all the time.”

Ali decided that she just had to get her eating habits under control and the spiralizer played a major part for her in achieving her goal of curtailing the bingeing.

“I think of all of the foods that I love to eat that aren’t good for me and I literally sit and brainstorm and say how can I make this inspiralized?’ she said.

[Image credit: liveinthegrey.com]