UFO Mystery Solved? [Video]

2015 has proven so far to be a year full of UFO activity, and among the related bizarre characteristics of this UFO activity has been sightings near erupting volcanoes.

The most recent UFO sighting near an active volcano was a set of lights hovering near the Calbuco volcano in Chile, visual evidence also showcasing a “giant human-like figure” that took shape in the rising plume of ash and smoke.

But the UFO hovering near the erupting volcano is what has left many scratching their heads, wondering if, in fact, they are seeing something from outer space or another dimension.

According to the Daily Mail, several hundred people captured footage of the dramatic eruption, which had previously been dormant for 40 years. Among those filming the event was Ana Luisa Cid, who clearly captured a flying object that is so far unidentified, but alien to our world? That is the question.

Enter Marc Dantonio, who builds life-like models, including a drone UFO for a National Geographic special, reports the Huffington Post. Dantonio also does work for the Mutual UFO Network, acting as their chief photo and video analyst.

When Dantonio first saw Ana Luisa Cid’s UFO footage, he suspected it was a simple CGI effect that had been plugged into the volcano footage. But in an email to the Huffington Post, Dantonio said that after viewing multiple other video sources, the volcano UFO was actually a drone in his opinion.

“In at least one video of this eruption, you can see what I have identified as a definite drone. It appears to be a Phantom 2 drone, based on the lighting pattern. This drone was captured by several witnesses in a video compilation of five different videos of the UFO… In the compilation of those five videos, there is one that shows the two-sphere object from a different perspective and this new perspective indicates that the object/drone was far closer to the observers than to the volcano. I believe it was launched in the town and brought up to altitude where it held station to observe the ash plume.”

Ana Luisa Cid actually acknowledged that the lights in her footage of the alleged UFO may be a drone when she first uploaded it to YouTube, saying the UFO was a “luminous object near the plume, captured on 22 April 2015. Some believe it may be a drone or a police helicopter. What is striking, in my opinion, is that the object remained static, then vanished. Optical illusion?”

While Dantonio’s explanation for the Calbuco volcano UFO is as likely as any, HuffPo points out that UFO sightings in Chile are quite frequent.

Are all of these UFOs drones? If so, then the UFO captured hovering next to Mexico’s Volcano Colima as it was erupting must be the new “Galloping Horse” drone model.

UFO, Mexico, volcano
A "Horse Head" shaped UFO was captured near an erupting volcano in Mexico earlier in 2015.

[Images by Ana Luisa Cid via YouTube and unidentified webcam via YouTube]