Arizona Anti-Pot Group Puts Up Billboard With The Wrong Website

An Arizona anti-pot group has put up a billboard directing viewers to the wrong website, The Phoenix New Times is reporting.

Drivers in suburban Yavapai County can see a billboard showing a baby holding a cookie, with the dire warning “Would your child know if it has pot in it?” Then, at the bottom of the billboard, is a directive to go to a website. “Marijuana Harmless?”

Thanks to a couple of punctuation errors, however, viewers seeing the billboard – if they’re alarmed at the possibility of a baby catching The Reefer Madness, that is, and want more information – are directed to a website that has nothing at all to do with pot.

The problem is that the website reads “Marijuana harmless [question mark, space] That leads viewers of the billboard to believe that the anti-pot group’s website is

It isn’t. A quick glance at reveals that it’s the website of the Think Again Foundation, which has to do with kids recovering from cancer.

“Foundation ThinkAgain! (501c3) is a non-profit organization that provides rehabilitation therapies to children severely affected by cancer and brain tumors. Specifically, we find and fund clinic-based therapies for children who continue to suffer due to the neuro-cognitive late-effects of cancer and cancer treatment.”

It has nothing to do at all with marijuana (although the government reluctantly admitted last week that marijuana can kill certain cancer cells, according to this Inquisitr report).

If the designers of the anti-pot billboard had thought things through, they would have been a little more judicious with their punctuation and spacing and directed viewers to – which is quite a handful as website names go.

The website itself is unapologetically anti-pot and full of links to news articles containing horror stories about people who did terrible things while stoned, or just “alarming” anecdotes about marijuana in general.

“‘He Ate Four Edibles’ Says Neighbor Of Teen Who Took 3 Story Fall”

“Marijuana Edibles Blamed For Keystone Death”

“Oregon man accused of blowing pot smoke into his year-old baby’s mouth”

“Colorado Marijuana Study Finds Legal Weed Contains Potent THC Levels”

NOTE about the last headline: That’s kind of the point.

The anti-pot billboard was put on by MATFORCE, an Arizona group opposed to pot legalization. Thanks to some investigative reporting by New Phoenix Times blogger Ray Stern, it seems that the anti-pot group isn’t known for its diligence when it comes to the media: one of the persons listed as a “partner” on the website hasn’t been associated with the agency in over a decade.

As of this post, it is unclear if any other anti-pot billboards throughout Phoenix direct viewers to the wrong webstie.

[Image courtesy of: Phoenix New Times]