Teacher Whose Teeth Decayed To ‘Apple Cores’ Wins $45,000 In Damages From Former Dentist

A 53-year-old teacher from Guisborough in the UK won $45,000 in damages after his former dentist caused his teeth to be reduced to “apple cores” after a decade of dental decay.

As a result of the negligent dental care he received, Kevin Bowes lost several teeth and underwent four avoidable root canal treatments and five avoidable crowns fitted by Dr. Nicholas Crees at his practice in North Yorkshire.

Speaking about what he went through, Bowes said, “I feel completely let down by Dr Crees. I was devastated, I had no idea my teeth were in such a bad condition. He allowed my teeth to deteriorate so badly over the decade I visited him and all the time with a smile and a friendly demeanour which made you feel you were in good hands. How wrong I was.”

Bowes’ family were regular visitors to Dr. Crees for over a decade. However, in 2013, a family member visited another dentist for a second opinion on some suggested work.

When Mr. Bowes also ended up visiting the new dentist, he was shocked when he learned about the true state of his teeth.

He told reporters, ‘The other dentist told me that I had decay in a number of teeth and would need lots of treatment to repair them. I had more X-rays than I care to remember and my teeth were so decayed the dentist described them as ‘apple cores.'”

Bowes added, “Before becoming a teacher I had been a successful entertainer and singer, full of confidence. However I have been advised that my treatment does not end here and I am likely to need ongoing treatment for years. It’s really knocked my confidence and has changed my life forever.”

Bowes’ lawyer, Kate Chadwick, was able to win substantial damages for her client. She was quick to condemn the dentist’s work.

“Kevin has been the victim of mistreatment by his dentist for years. This decade of neglect was a real catalogue of errors with Dr Nicholas Crees failing to diagnose and treat decay and carrying out extractions without informed consent. Fortunately he visited another dentist for a second opinion who immediately spotted the problem, otherwise, left untreated Mr Bowes may well have lost more of his teeth.”

[Image credit: thenorthernecho.co.uk]