Bruce Jenner Transition: ‘I Am A Woman…Bruce Lives A Lie’

For a while now, the world has been aware that Olympian and reality star Bruce Jenner has been rumored to be, basically, a woman trapped in a man’s body. The eagerly awaited Diane Sawyer interview with Jenner aired yesterday in a special two hour episode of 20/20.

Prior to the airing, Jenner made it known that the interview would draw the line in the sand, so to speak, and would be the end to his male persona. True to his word, Bruce announced that he considers himself a woman now.

“For all intents and purposes, I’m a woman. People look at me differently. They see you as this macho male, but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in life — it is part of me. That female side is part of me. That’s who I am.”

Though Bruce Jenner has not yet announced the name he will take as a woman, he joked that it definitely will not start with a “K.” Sorry girls, this Keeping Up With the Kardashians woman is a Jenner through and through. Bruce goes on the explain that although he feels like a woman, and will live the remainder of his life as a woman, the physical transition has not been completed at this point.

“As of now, I have all the male parts and all that kind of stuff, so in a lot of ways we’re different, okay? But we still identify as [a woman]. And that’s very hard for Bruce Jenner to say. Because why? I don’t want to disappoint people.”

According to CNN, the woman living in Jenner’s soul says Bruce has always been confused by her identity. There seems to be two parts of him fighting an inner battle. The outwardly macho athlete and the inwardly sensitive woman.

“Bruce Jenner has always been confused with my gender identity. I’m me…. I’m a person. I’m not stuck in anybody’s body.”

While filming Keeping Up With the Kardashians with ex-wife Kris Jenner, six biological children, and four step children, the woman inside Jenner longed to be released.

“I had the story. We’ve done 420 episodes, I think, and the entire run I kept thinking to myself… the one real true story in the family was the one I was hiding. The one thing that could really make a difference in people’s lives was in my soul, and I couldn’t say anything.”

“We’re going to make a difference in the world with what we’re doing. And if the whole Kardashian show and reality television gave me that foothold into that world—to be able to go out there and really do something good, I’m all for it. I got no problem with that. I just can’t pull the curtain any longer. I’ve built a nice little life, I just can’t—again, Bruce lives a lie. She is not a lie. I just can’t do it anymore.”

What do you think about Bruce Jenner’s transition to a woman? Is Bruce brave for coming forward, or should his secret have stayed hidden?

[Image via the Hollywood Gossip]