Single Justin Bieber Hangs Out With Gabby Westbrook, Hailey Baldwin & Pals

Justin Bieber recently told radio host Ryan Seacrest that he was enjoying the single life.

During a night out with pals Hailey Baldwin, Ryan Good, and others, the 21-year-old singer was spotted talking to Hailey’s friend Gabby Westbrook at a Dave & Busters venue in Los Angeles on Friday, April 24.

Why is it especially important that Justin Bieber was seen talking to Gabby Westbrook? It isn’t in the great scheme of things, but there is a backstory.

As it turns out, Justin previously commented on an Instagram post that Hailey shared of herself and Gabby on January 12. His caption read, “Ur friends Hott hailey haha.” He also wrote to Hailey, “but ur hot 2.”

Hailey (wearing a pale top) can be seen chatting to Justin and Gabby at Dave & Busters, in a pic tweeted by an onlooker.

While it’s not known whether Justin met up with Gabby in the interim between January and last night, it is gossip-worthy that they have now. The rumor mill has a tendency to imagine Bieber as dating any, and every girl, he’s seen with. Which would mean he’s dating Gabby, models Ashley Moore, Hailey, Kendall Jenner and Yovanna Ventura. Simultaneously.

Earlier on Friday, Hailey, Justin, and their friends, showed support for mutual pal Lil Za at his debut boxing fight at Los Angeles Valley College. The group even made posters for Za.

On the TMZ-obtained video below, Justin can be seen sitting in the front row holding up a sign which read “WE LOVE YOU ZA.” In the end, Lil Za went on to win the fight, and was later praised during the clip by pro-boxing superstar Andre Berto, who was in the crowd.

Justin did a little debuting of his own last night. Three days after getting his hair cut, the Canadian posted a selfie for his fans. The hitmaker now has shaved sides and long hair on top. Fans’ reactions were split, to say the least.

As for Gabby Westbrook and Justin Bieber? Without further information, it sounds like the singer just hung out in an entertaining venue with Hailey and Gabby after a night out with pals.

Despite this, it’s likely the grapevine will over-excite itself over the trio’s meet. It was ever thus.

[Images via Twitter/Instagram]