Two Years Later: Where Is Jessica Heeringa?

Where is Jessica Heeringa? It’s been two years since the Michigan woman vanished, and there are still no answers today to the numerous questions that have piled up over the course of the case. This is a cold case disappearance, it seems, since there have been no arrests and most of the evidence in the case was focused in the first six months. All that remains now are questions, fears, and the fading hope of those who want to know what happened on the night of April 26, 2013.

Jessica was last seen before she was to close up the Exxon station where she worked. However, she never managed to close up that night. The circumstances surrounding her mysterious disappearance are confusing, but indicate that the missing woman is the victim of foul play.

Whether she was murdered or is being held somewhere has yet to reveal itself. What is known, however, is that she did in fact suffer some kind of injury during the course of her presumed abduction. A small amount of blood was found on the ground at the Exxon station where she was last seen. The blood was tested positive to be Jessica’s, but it wasn’t enough to indicate that a fatal wound had been inflicted. MLive shares the thorough timeline of her disappearance leading from the night she was reportedly kidnapped to the week of the two year anniversary.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Unsolved Mysteries is showing interest in spreading awareness about Jessica Heeringa’s case. Meanwhile, investigators have confirmed that this case remains on their minds as fresh as it was in 2013 when Jessica initially vanished. Unfortunately, keeping it on their minds isn’t speeding anything along as far as solving this case goes. The very little evidence that exists in this case just adds to the confusion.

Even though it’s been two years since Jessica was last seen, numerous people continue to use social media every day using the #JessicaHeeringa and #FindJessicaHeeringa hashtags. Her mysterious disappearance has gripped the hearts of her community as well as communities across the country, but what happened to her?

Hopefully the search for Jessica Heeringa doesn’t span another two years. She left behind a young son who is now without his mother, and a lot of friends and family who miss her dearly.

[Photo: Family photo via ABC News]