Thor-Kid Interviews Robert Downey Jr. In Cute ‘Avengers’ Match Up [Video]

We are less than a week away from the premiere of one of this year’s hottest movies, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and as promotion of the film heats up, Avengers fans have been subjected to some off the wall interview experiences this past week.

First there was the moment in which a British journalist caused Avengers’ Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., to get up and walk out in the middle of it. Rather than focus on questions surrounding the latest Avengers film, reporter Krishnan Guru-Murthy decided to ask personal questions of Downey Jr. In a reaction just as we would expect from Avengers alter ego Tony Stark, Downey Jr. took the initiative, removed his microphone, and walked off the set.

Later, Avengers actors Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans came under attack for supposedly “slut-shaming” Scarlet Johansson’s Black Widow when they jokingly responded with “she’s a slut” when asked about the female character’s possible romantic relationships, considering she is the only female Avenger. Both actors have since apologized but not before feminists everywhere demanded their little Avengers heads on a platter.

Then, in a hilarious role reversal of Avenger sexes, Cosmopolitan UK journalist Claire Hodgson turned the tables on Mark Ruffalo who portrays the Avengers’ most emotionally reactive character, the Hulk. Ruffalo was being interviewed with fellow Avenger Scarlet Johansson when Hodgson posed an interesting question: What would it be like if Ruffalo were asked the same ridiculous sexist questions Johansson is asked, such as “What are you wearing on the red carpet this evening?” or “Did you feel much pressure to slim down, get in shape, go on a diet?” Ruffalo took it in stride the way we would expect any Avenger to while Johansson relished in delight.

It is, perhaps, one of the littlest known or seen interviews from the Avengers press junket that may take the prize for cuteness this time around. Avengers‘ Robert Downey Jr. recently tweeted a short 37-second interview featuring a kid in a Thor costume asking him about whether or not Iron Man has a certain pose and what Avengers pals Iron Man and Thor would eat for dinner. Downey Jr. attempts to entertain the Thor-kid, but ever the demigod, even as a journalist, Thor manages to keep a straight face. See it for yourself

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens in theaters May 1.

[Image courtesy of Empire]