NASA’s Mars Opportunity Rover Photo Shows Bunkers, Missiles, And Aliens, Mars Anomaly Hunter Says

A Canadian UFO and Mars anomaly hunter, Andre Gignac, 58, claims he has spotted a “bunker” in an image of Mars Endeavour crater captured by NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Opportunity.

Gignac, who claims he is a former journalist, said he also spotted people standing and peering out of the bunker’s window, an observation he considers further proof that the “bunker” structure was of artificial construction.

Gignac claimed he first suspected that there was something of interest lurking in the 22-km (14 miles) Endeavour crater — an impact crater in the Meridiani Planum of planet Mars — when he noticed a “dark spot” on the rim the crater in an original NASA image shown below.

Endeavour crater
Section Of a Panoramic Image Of Endeavour crater

He told Cryptozoology News that when he took a closer look at the image taken by NASA’s Opportunity rover, he was astonished to notice a bunker built in the rocky wall of the crater and a “massive panoramic window” with people standing at the window looking out.

Mars Bunker Captured By Mars Opportunity Rover

He said, “I was stunned. It was a massive panoramic window built in the inside wall of the crater. You can see a person behind the bunker’s window.”

He also said the photo shows missiles and rockets deployed on the planet by aliens.

Mars Bunker
Mars Bunker With Alien People Looking Out

“I think people must be told about aliens busying themselves with bunkers, missiles and rockets right in our backyard! These images are undeniable. They are definitive proof not only that ‘we are not alone,’ but also that aliens have landed on Mars and could be up to something.”

Gignac said he found the bunker with tools other anomaly hunters use, such as “focus, contrast, exposure, color and tint.”

He went on to claim that the “bunker” was probably an antechamber or a corridor leading to a larger bunker.

Rockets And Missiles Deployed On Mars

Gignac said he spends a lot of time scrutinizing NASA rover images of Mars looking for signs of anomalies.

“I always look carefully at a given picture of Mars… focus in one or more areas of the photo. I enlarge said areas, and if nothing of interest appears, I let go and pass on to another area of the photo. I do not change anything, I do not add anything.”

However, Gignac, who says he has worked for Publications Québecor and the United Nations Organization, does not take a hard-line stance with regard to his “discovery.”

He said, “I stand ready to be convinced that I have possibly hallucinated. I won’t mind being told that I’m wrong.”

Nigel Watson, a UFO expert and author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told the Daily Mail that this is not the first time that Mars anomaly hunters have claimed they saw “bunkers” in Mars rover images.

“Bunkers have been spotted in previous NASA pictures, some might be caused by shadows or lack of resolution that doesn’t give enough detail to clearly see if the structure is a bunker or not… These were explained as being of erosional features or caused by the way the pictures were stitched together…”

Mars anomaly hunters have recently claimed a bewildering array of discoveries indicative of Mars civilization. In February, anomaly hunters claimed they discovered an ancient book on Mars. Also in February, they announced discovery on the Red Planet of a fossilized dinosaur skull with complete set of teeth.

Earlier in January, anomaly hunters “discovered” an Egyptian Ankh relic on Mars.

However, skeptics have consistently attributed the profusion of anomalies to the psychological phenomenon called pareidolia, which manifests as the tendency of the human brain, seeking to make sense of an array of bewildering and likely meaningless data, to perceive significant forms and patterns as conditioned by previous experience.

Before the advent of online UFO and anomaly hunters, pareidolia was largely associated with religious people seeing images of Jesus, the Virgin Mary or Buddha, on mundane items, such as on a piece of bread, on a hillside or wall decoration.

[Images: via Cryptozoology News]