Tracey Woodford's Body Found Dismembered

Missing British woman Tracey Woodford has been found, but the circumstances of the discovery are downright gruesome. Yahoo News UK reports that the missing woman's dismembered remains were located at a flat in south Wales. A 50-year-old man has also been arrested and detained on suspicion of murder. These gruesome developments wrap up the search for a missing woman that turned out to be very brief.

The Telegraph reports that Woolford was last seen on Tuesday by her family. However, over the course of the search for her, officials found out that she had last been sighted at Skinny Dog Public House, which is a sports bar and pub. Authorities believe that this is where she met the unidentified man who has since been arrested on suspicion of her murder, according to the Hartlepool Mail. The man who has been arrested has not been identified by police, and a spokesperson for the investigators on the case declared that the information is being held for the solidarity of the case at this time. His address is also not being clarified, according to the spokesperson.

"Police can confirm that a dismembered body was found at the address, which has been identified as 47-year-old Tracey Woodford, who has been missing since Tuesday April 21. Next of kin have been informed and police would urge the media to demonstrate responsible reporting of this serious and traumatic incident."

While authorities have a man in custody, they are still asking for help from the public. Anybody with any information that may prove helpful is encouraged to contact the authorities, whether that info is urgent or seemingly unimportant. In particular, detectives want to know if anybody witnessed anything on Tuesday night in the areas where Tracey Woodford had been.

The disappearance of Tracey Woodford is not the only high-profile disappearance that ended badly so far this year in the UK. Missing teen Becky Watts vanished for just a couple of weeks before her dismembered remains were found at a home linked to her own stepbrother. Horrifically, she was murdered by her family member and his girlfriend in a case that disgusted not only Brits, but people across the world. Other recent tragic disappearances in the UK include the heartbreaking disappearance and murder of April Jones and the unsolved disappearance of Madeleine McCann -- a case that has people divided on whether they believe the child was kidnapped or her death covered up by someone close to her.

[Photo: Police handout Tracey Woodford]