WWE Legend Mick Foley Provides Excellent Reason Why Brock Lesnar Is ‘The Only One’ To End Undertaker’s Streak

On April 6, 2014, many seasoned wrestling fans – not just those in the WWE Universe – had their hearts broken when they saw the Undertaker lose to Brock Lesnar, bringing “The Streak” to an end. That one moment from Wrestlemania XXX was probably the biggest one to ever happen during the pay-per-view, outdoing other parts like Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, and Hogan in the same ring at the same time, or Daniel Bryan winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The Inquisitr made sure to follow-up on all the latest news pertaining to the Undertaker’s Steak ending at the hands of Brock Lesnar, including reasons why “The Beast Incarnate” had to end it. Despite the reasons, it was surely a move that brought a massive amount of heat that at one point, WWE questioned having Lesnar break it.

Now, one year later, WWE Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley has made it known that despite his feelings, Brock Lesnar was “the only man” to end the Undertaker’s Streak. What is more amazing of Foley’s reasoning is he actually may be right.

According to Sporting News, Mick Foley and WWE teamed up to bring his comedy show to the WWE Network. This is a very unique appearance due to the fact that Foley has never done his comedy on any venue or stage associated with WWE prior to the announcement. That changed on Friday, April 24, 2015, when Mick Foley did his routine titled Cheap Pops at Full Sail University, the home of the NXT Arena. From what attendees have said, the show was phenomenal with equal parts storytelling, comedy, and wrestling history. Also, a major plus was no necessity to be a hardcore fan to follow Foley’s show. He didn’t use obscure references of wrestling’s past that most people wouldn’t know, and if there were parts that needed clarification, he would provide it.

Overall, Mick Foley’s Cheap Pops was a sold-out success and will surely be a hit on the WWE Network, which is a major step up from when he first started comedy. Foley’s daughter, Noelle, has said that in the beginning, his comedy wasn’t up to par. It is amazing to see that is no longer the case. Yet, it is still unknown when it will be released on the WWE Network, as explained by Wrestlezone.

However, there was one part from the routine that got everyone’s attention, which is the aforementioned topic on why Brock Lesnar was “the only one” to break the Undertaker’s Streak. Mick Foley brought it up early in his act, but switched to his early career as a heel under his persona, Cactus Jack, followed by his WWE persona, Mankind. During his time as a heel, Foley said that even though he did a great job frightening children and bringing heat, fans figured out he was a nice guy. Not only that, Foley made it clear that even in his heel personas, he cared about what fans thought of him.

And that was the whole point on why Brock Lesnar is “the only one” who should break the Undertaker’s Streak. Mick Foley stated that Lesnar does not care what the fans think of him. Not to mention, most people will never look at Lesnar and think he is a “nice guy.”

Now, it is possible that Mick Foley’s stance on Brock Lesnar being “the only one” is part of his Cheap Pops routine. Whether it is or not, the WWE Universe has to admit that what Foley says has a lot of first-impression probability to it. To the WWE Universe, or any wrestling fan, the following questions simply need to be asked. Do you think Brock Lesnar cares about what you think of him? Better yet, do you think Brock Lesnar is a “nice guy?” Think about it.

[Image via WWE Promotions]