Darius McCrary: Former 'The Young And The Restless' Actor Fears Son Being Abused By Baby Mama's Boyfriend

Darius McCrary, the TV actor known for his role on The Young and The Restless, fears that his son is in danger because his stepdad is abusing him. TMZ is reporting that Darius McCrary failed to return his son because he feared for the boy's safety. According to McCrary, his son is deathly afraid of his mother's boyfriend and does not want to go back. The young boy's fears were brought to his father's attention after McCrary escorted him to LAX where he was to return home to Michigan. But Darius McCrary called the police when it became apparent that his son was afraid to go home.

Once police arrived at the scene, they allowed Darius to leave the airport with his son, pending further investigation. The Children's Department of Family Service were notified by police, and Darius McCrary tried to obtain custody of his son in California. A judge denied the request and told McCrary that he had to handle the case in the state where the mother lives. McCrary was also told to return the boy to his mother's custody. TMZ further claims that when McCrary arrived at the local police station to make the exchange with his baby mama, his son became an "emotional wreck."

This case is troubling because it appears that Darius McCrary took the correct precautions when his son told him that he was afraid to go home. According to the book Where Did I Go Wrong? How Did I Miss the Signs? Dealing with Hostile Parenting & Parental Alienation By Joan Kloth-Zanard, one of the classic signs of abuse is when a child admits that they are afraid of an adult. Another sign is showing fear of a certain adult, as well as exhibiting nervous behavior.

The book outlines a whole list of behaviors to look out for when you suspect that a child is being abused or neglected. In McCrary's case, it would seem that something is definitely going on if a 7-year old child is afraid to go home. Parents would do well to take these allegations seriously.

The case of poor Christopher Alan Brown comes to mind. Chris Brown was a cute 11-year old African-American boy who vanished in 1985. The father worked most of the time, which meant that the boy spent more time with the stepmother. What no one knew is that his stepmother and her brother were abusing the boy every time he came to his biological father's home for visits. After he vanished, the boy's mother remembered that her son hated visiting his father. He even acted fearful sometimes but never said why. He was excited to go that day back in 1985, after his father said they were going fishing. Sadly, Chris Brown's body was found floating in the Flint River.

He had all of his clothes on, including his shoes. His mother said he would never enter the water because he could not swim. The case was ruled an accidental death. But Brenda Simpson never forgot her son, she nagged police about the case until they decided to investigate it again in 2004. Once the boy's body was exhumed, another autopsy report showed that he had substances in his system. The investigation revealed that his stepmother kidnapped him that day, sexually assaulted him, drugged him, and killed him, along with her brother. Rosalind Brown, 50, and Montel Pettiford, 43 were convicted and sentenced to life in prison. The case aired on Dateline in 2009.

Hopefully, in the case of Darius McCrary, law enforcement officials and child protective services can get to the bottom of the case to ensure the safety of this child.

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