Cleveland Abduction Victim Michelle Knight On Forgiveness: 'It's Like Turning Dirt Into Gold' [Video]

This is not the first time that Ohio kidnap victim, Michelle Knight, has bravely stepped forward to speak about the abduction and subsequent 11 year torture she endured at the hands of Ariel Castro. Along with two other girls, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, Knight was held captive and abused by Castro in his Cleveland home. After more than a decade, the ladies finally succeeded in escaping.

On Thursday of this week, Michelle Knight met with Giuliana Rancic in an interview for Beyond Candid with Giuliana to discuss how her life has changed in the two years since her rescue. Though Michelle Knight says she hated Castro for the abuse he visited upon her, which includes being raped and beaten, forced to eat food she was severely allergic to, and suffering five miscarriages, she has since learned to forgive. Giuliana questioned Michelle about forgiveness, receiving a heartfelt answer in return.

"So you can honestly say that you forgive Ariel Castro?"

"Yes, in every sense of the way. Even though other people may not feel like I should, but I feel like I should. It's like turning dirt into gold."

In a world where the smallest injustice seems cause to hold grudges and retaliate in negative ways such as social media slamming and filing lawsuits, Michelle Knight's inspiring message is refreshing. It seems Michelle realizes that by forgiving her captor, she is freeing herself from the last vestiges of control Castro had over her life.

A move, Cleveland Abduction, detailing the horrors endured by Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus will air on May 2 on Lifetime. Taryn Manning, from Orange is the New Black, stars as Michelle Knight. While all three of the victims will be portrayed in the film, Michelle, Castro's first captive, will be highlighted.

Cleveland Abduction is based on the journal kept by Michelle Knight while in captivity. According to the Huffington Post, Knight finds it difficult to see the violent scenes she experienced on TV. Speaking with Dr. Phil regarding a scene where she was shackled together with Gina, Michelle Knight explains why she doesn't think it's a good idea for her to watch.

"Right now we're healing in our own way. We thought it would be better, especially me, not to see that part because it would remind me of what happened."

It is obvious the strength that Michelle Knight possesses has allowed her to survive nightmarish circumstances and come out on top. Her positive attitude never fails, and her inspiring message is one of hope. What do you think about Michelle's forgiving nature?

[Image via Mdemulher]