Angelina Jolie's Denouncing Of UN's Poor Efforts In Syria May Be Misguided

Angelina Jolie is well known for her philanthropy and close ties to conflict in Africa and the Middles East. After scolding the UN's Security Council, many have questioned her true interest in Syria. According to a recent report by the Inquisitr, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have shot down rumors that they are planning to adopt yet another child, this time from Syria. So is Angelina's address to the UN simply because she is concerned?

During Jolie's talk with the UN, she makes several points on how the UN has failed Syrian refugees. After many reasons as to why the UN does not contribute more assistance in Syria arose, Jolie basically stated that those reasons were not valid.

"The problem is not lack of information. We know in excruciating detail, what is happening in Yarmouk, in Aleppo, in Homs. The problem is lack of political will."

The possible issue with Angelina's stance is that the same regions of Syria that she brought into the discussion are the same regions for which the UN Council have recently pleaded for aid. On Monday, the UN Council came to a decision to bring additional aid to the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp outside of Damascus, according to Reuters. The area had reportedly been seized by Islamic militants in recent days, and the refugees were suffering. The council, which is made up of 15 nations, reportedly made the decision for additional aid due to "extreme circumstances and hardship." Yarmouk is not the only place in Syria the Angelina Jolie may have been misguided on.

Last month, after the Islamic State destroyed the ancient city of Aleppo Syria, the UN began talks to defuse the conflict in Syria. Afterwards, the UN made several attempts to employ a truce with the rebels, which was reportedly denied each time. Angelina feeling that the UN needs to do more in Aleppo may, in fact, be misguided, but her feelings about Homs may be on track.


Recently, there was a massacre at a refugee camp in Homs, which many believe was due to poor security. Had the UN Security Council and humanitarian aid partners done more to protect refugees, such a massacre may have been prevented. Because of the misfortune in places like Homs, Angelina Jolie has expressed that this is a failure by the entire world.

"We cannot look at Syria and the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision, and think this is not the lowest point in the world's inability to protect and defend the innocent."

With the fate of refugee lives in mind, Jolie made a request to the UN leaders. She pleaded for them to visit Syrian refugees to see their struggle first hand.

"I also urge the security council to visit Syrian refugees; to see first hand, their suffering and the impact it is having on the region. Those refugees cannot come to council. so please, will you go to them."

In the video, as Angelina Jolie read her pre-written speech, there is a lightness in her final plea that suggests that she is truly concerned.

Watch video Angelin Jolie addressing the UN.

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