Watch Nepal Earthquake Coverage Live Online: Streaming Video Of 7.9 Magnitude Quake That Struck Near India, Causing Multiple Deaths

Live streaming video of a 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck in Nepal shows buildings destroyed and hundreds of people trapped in rubble after one of the most powerful quakes the region has ever seen.

A giant earthquake struck in Nepal near the border with India, leaving at least 150 people dead and destroying many historic buildings in the capital of Kathmandu (links to live streaming video coverage of the quake available below).

The quake struck on Saturday and had a magnitude of 7.9. It was followed by at least eight aftershocks of 4.5 or greater, leaving a scene of chaos throughout Nepal and India.

As CNN reported, the Nepal earthquake was particularly long and powerful.

“The quake, which struck at 11:41 local time (05:51 GMT). occurred at a depth of 9.3 miles, which is considered shallow and potentially more damaging than a quake emanating from deeper under the earth’s crust. But it was reported by people who felt it as seeming to last a very long time.”

Geologists warned that there could still be more dangerous aftershocks following the Nepal earthquake.

Initial death tolls were still being determined, but several Indian news outlets reported at least 150 had been killed. Live streaming video of the Nepal earthquake aftermath showed widespread destruction.

The earthquake was felt far from its center, with climbers on Mt. Everest even reporting avalanches.

“Everest base camp huge earthquake then huge avalanche from pumori,” Twitter user Alex Gavan said. “Running for life from my tent. Unhurt. Many many people up the mountain.”

A journalist in Kathmandu told CNN that a historic building called Dharahara — also known as Bhimsen Tower — had collapsed in the earthquake. The Times of India reported that at least 50 people were trapped in the tower, which is a popular tourist destination.

Live video coverage of the Nepal earthquake showed some massive search and rescue efforts. The exact number of dead from the earthquake was still being determined, and Google joined the effort to help find survivors.

Those who want to watch coverage of the Nepal earthquake live online can click here for streaming video from ABP Live. CNN Go is also offering streaming video coverage of the quake’s aftermath.

[Image via ABP Live]