WWE News: Former WWE Superstars Edge, Christian, And Taz All Set To Be Coaches On WWE Tough Enough?

WWE Tough Enough is upcoming this June, and WWE has asked fans across the world to send out videos seeing if they could be the next WWE Superstar or WWE Diva. We’ve seen a lot of interesting videos, and we very well could see more. Not only is the show going to switch up a bit and be potentially better than before, but WWE is also going more toward what they did in the past, instead of picking Indy wrestlers or those under developmental deals to be part of the show itself.

However, many have wondered what will go down this season. We know that Bill DeMott is not going to be part of the show this time around, for obvious reasons. We also are under the impression that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is not going to host the show. We’ve heard that Chris Jericho might very well be the head coach of sorts, and WWE is using an announcer type to actually “host” the show.

Now even more news is out regarding WWE Tough Enough regarding coaches.

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Cageside Seats, certain former WWE Superstars could be joining the show. It is said that Edge, Christian, and Taz all could end up on the Tough Enough coaching staff. Edge most would likely be outside of the ring and would be helpful on promos and on psychology while Christian and Taz could get in the ring and become involved with the contestants.

Taz was part of the original WWE Tough Enough, and since WWE now needs a tough trainer to take the place of DeMott, the human suplex machine fits that mold well. Meanwhile, WWE needs a guy who can get in the ring with everyone and work consistently, which is something Christian easily could do.

While this is only a rumor as of now, it is interesting to see all the men involved.

Taz just left TNA a week ago, so it would be quite interesting if he showed up on a WWE program. While very few would have an issue with it, it would be kind of strange to see. Meanwhile, Edge and Christian being part of anything is always fun.

Edge being involved is possibly the most interesting of all. He cannot perform anymore due to his neck, so we know he wouldn’t jump in there and take bumps. So it will be interesting to see how he works in this role. However, fans will not have an issue seeing any or all three of these men join the WWE Tough Enough staff. Will WWE end up going in this direction? We will have to wait and find out.

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