Florida Man Gets Arrested While Wearing Funny Shirt

A Florida Man was arrested this week over a rash of car break-ins, and what he was wearing is making media headlines. WPXI News 11 reports that 40-year-old David Durham is accused of breaking into multiple vehicles in the Naples area, but when he was arrested on Thursday, he couldn’t have been wearing a more appropriate shirt.

The man’s mugshot/booking photo was released by the Naples Police Department, and it’s immediately garnering attention thanks to the graphic printed on the front of the garment. The words “Warning: I do dumb things,” were printed on the shirt at the time of his arrest, but it’s not known at this time if it was planned or just a hilariously ironic coincidence. Nonetheless, he produced a mugshot that has rocketed him into the same ranks as other “Florida Man” stories in the media — and there are so, so many.

David Durham isn’t the only person to get busted while wearing the wrong thing. In February, a Chicago man was arrested for operating a meth lab while wearing a shirt from the hit show Breaking Bad. NBC Chicago reports that the 21-year-old was wearing a shirt depicting the “Los Pollos” chain restaurant that was popular in the series.

Also this year, another Florida man was busted while wearing an ironic shirt. 50-year-old John Balmer was arrested on charges of drug possession. At the time of his arrest, the shirt he was wearing read the words “Seriously, I have drugs,” across the front. Hilariously, a woman wearing a shirt that said “I love crystal meth” was arrested for none other than possession of meth back in November of last year. The list of arrests in inappropriate shirts can go on and on and on, which is why there are entire Buzzfeed articles about this area of crime news coverage.

Ironic shirts are fun and all, but it looks like a lot of people get caught wearing them at the wrong places and at the wrong times. Also, more than one person has become a viral meme thanks to the goofy mugshots they’ve produced. As for David Durham, hopefully he’ll take note of his fame as the latest “Florida man,” and consider putting a stop to all the illegal activity. Of course, he certainly isn’t the first person in Florida to produce a strange news story, and he certainly will not be the last.

[Photo: Naples Police Department booking photo]