Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Nick Gordon Now Sober, Brother Defends Him

After spending nearly two months in rehab, Nick Gordon is completely sober and doing great, according to his brother, Jack Walker, who recently opened up about his brother’s relationship with Bobbi Kristina Brown and the rumors surrounding Gordon’s past drug use.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Gordon, 26, heeded the advice that he desperately needed rehab after his erratic behavior on last month’s Dr. Phil. Gordon has spent the past seven weeks in an in-house alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. Walker states that everything is going well for Gordon and that he’s made a lot of progress.

“He’s been off of drugs for almost seven weeks. He’s actually surprised that he stayed, to be honest with you, he’s like I’m proud of myself for staying I didn’t think that I’d be able to do it, he’s not the same person he was when he went in.”

As his brother still remains under investigation for the incident that left Bobbi Kristina Brown fighting for her life at Atlanta’s Dekalb Medical hospital, Walker touched upon Gordon’s past issues with drugs and how it began before the late Whitney Houston passed away.

“It was going on when Whitney was alive. I would be on the phone with Nick and I can hear Whitney asking for the stuff. Same stuff they were doing, it’s the same situation, this wasn’t something that just came about when Whitney died, this has been around since before Nick.”

Jack Walker

Walker also defended Gordon against allegations of abuse, stating that he never witnessed his brother ever lay a hand on Bobbi Kristina. Instead, Walker claims that the relationship is based on love and that Gordon wants the world to know that not only was there no abuse, but that he is clean and sober and still praying for his girlfriend.

“He would want people to know he cares for Krissy, he loves her just as much as he did before, and he’s clean now, he’s doing a lot better.”

However, regardless of what Walker may have witnessed beforehand, he was not in Atlanta when Bobbi Kristina’s accident occurred. He claims that the young star may have been attempting to kill herself, but the Roswell Police Department suspect foul play and continue to treat the case as a criminal investigation.

Gordon has been the prime suspect in the investigation since January 31, when Bobbi was found face-down, unconscious in her bathtub.

Speculation regarding Gordon’s involvement in Whitney Houston’s death may have prompted Walker to defend his brother. Although Gordon was never charged with anything in relation to Houston’s death, his mother said that he was at the same hotel when Houston died, and attempted to perform CPR on her, just as he did with Bobbi Kristina.

The strangeness surrounding a mother and daughter found the exact same way by the same person made numerous people question Gordon’s motives.

Meanwhile, Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in the hospital with little improvement. Family members ask fans and supporters to continue prayers for her.

[Photos Courtesy of Photo Courtesy of Christopher Polk/Getty Images & Jack Walker]