‘Scream Queens’ Gives A Glimpse At Lea Michele’s New Look

Fans of both Glee and American Horror Story have been following the progress of Ryan Murphy’s new project, Scream Queens, so many already know that Lea Michele has been cast in a role that varies greatly from her role as Glee‘s Rachel Berry. There has previously been another photo leaked that showed Ms. Michele sporting an outfit that was as far removed from Lea’s former character as one could get, but the latest Scream Queens details show Lea Michele looking even more alienated from her former Glee persona.

Lea Michele as Hester in 'Scream Queens.' Image courtesy of Entertainment Weekly/Fox.

“Her name is Hester,” Murphy said, when asked more about Lea Michele’s Scream Queens role. “She plays a girl with scoliosis and a neckbrace, whose nickname is Neckbrace—Emma’s character just calls her ‘Neckbrace.’ It’s a real Eve Harrington part for Lea. This girl wants everything Chanel (Emma Roberts) has and will do anything to get it. Lea calls it her Charlize Theron Monster moment. We won’t let her put on any make up and she wears these horrible 1995 tracksuits. But there’s a great turn that happens half-way through the season with that character.”

While the Scream Queens plot thus far pits Chanel and Hester against one another, but the behind-the-scenes moments are quite different with the two leading ladies forming a definite bond, according to Michele’s Scream Queens co-star, Emma Roberts.

“She’s so funny. We’ll be doing a scene where I’ll be giving everyone my death glare and I’ll have to skip Lea because I’ll start cracking up. It’s been really fun to work with her because I was such a fan of Glee. Her and I have really hit it off.”

Most people are still trying to get a grip on just what they can expect from Scream Queens with comparisons coming in that would make Murphy’s new show seem like it will be all over the board in a chaotic jumble, but Mr. Murphy wants to assure fans that won’t be the case. The creator says he was looking for a very specific feel for Scream Queens. Murphy said that the concept for Scream Queens was developed from and influenced by a number of 80s and 90s slasher films and dark comedies.

“It’s sort of the idea of what would happen if you put something like Heathers meets Friday the 13th.”

And what about that killer? Everyone knows you can’t have a successful horror story without that killer gimmick. Freddy, Jason, Ghostface, Micheal — Scream Queens has one too. Prepare to meet the Red Devil, formerly the costume for the mascot of Wallace University.

“Somebody has stolen the Red Devil costume and that’s what he or she wears when they commit the crimes.”

Scream Queens will air this fall on Fox.

[Featured image Lea Michele courtesy of Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment]