Is The Search For Chelsea Bruck Finally Over?

The discovery of human remains in Carleton, Michigan has people wondering if the search for Chelsea Bruck is finally over. The 22-year-old woman has been missing since October 2014 and was last seen when she attended a Halloween party in Frenchtown Township. Click on Detroit reports that the remains appear to be the body of a female, and authorities confirm that the body has been in the elements for months. So will this body be identified as the missing Michigan woman?

It has been approximately six months since Chelsea Bruck was last seen. In fact, it is almost six months to the day that Bruck was last seen at the Halloween party, where witnesses claim she was last seen leaving with an unknown and unidentified man. The Halloween party was on October 26, 2014.

The wooded area where the human remains were located is approximately nine miles from where Chelsea was last seen. Now it should be noted that just a few weeks ago, clothing that matched the costume last seen on the missing woman was found in the Flat Rock area — which is approximately six miles away from Carelton in the opposite direction. Could this indicate that somebody scattered evidence in the opposite way to prolong the discovery of a body? That question can’t be answered until an identification is made. For all that is known, this body may belong to someone completely unrelated to Chelsea Bruck’s case.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the body was decomposed, but authorities in Monroe County are diligently working to identify the remains as quickly and efficiently as possible. Confirmation of a positive or negative identification will be available in as few as two days. An anthropologist was reportedly called in to help with the identification of the body, indicating that the remains may be badly decomposed. Depending on the level of decomposition, identification could prove difficult.

The grisly discovery was made by a property owner who was building on the secluded wooded property. He reportedly stopped working to check on his equipment, and that is when he found the decomposing body of who may or may not be Chelsea Bruck. Currently, the missing woman’s loved ones are anxiously awaiting confirmation while everyone who followed this case considers the possible outcomes. Meanwhile, the official Facebook page associated with the search for Chelsea has gone quiet. Their last public post was yesterday regarding the nearing anniversary of the woman’s disappearance and the ongoing efforts to find her.

[Photo: Facebook/Michigan State Police photo handout]