‘Revenge’ Finale Spoilers: One Of The Major Deaths Is Revealed

Revenge is quickly approaching an ending. Many fans already suspect that the end of Season 4 will mark the end of Amanda Clarke’s story. The death of Victoria Grayson on the last episode made that abundantly clear as well.

The season finale is titled “Two Graves.” Do one of those graves belong to Victoria? Or will fans see two more characters die before the last credits start to roll?

If you don’t want to know who else will die the season, stop reading now.

There is no way to know for sure who else will die, but one death set to happen in the finale has been revealed. Spoiler TV shared a tweet that shows a casting call sheet, and the death of the one of the characters is clearly shown.

Ben will die in the finale before Jack and Amanda unite with a kiss. Fans have been waiting to see the pair finally have a relationship, but that has always been the end game for the series.

With this ending, it is clear that all the loose ends will be tied up on the Revenge finale. The series will have to do something drastically different next season if ABC decides to renew it.

TV Line shared a bit about the finale, and Sunil Nayer revealed that the season 4 finale will have a lot of closure for the series.

Victoria’s death may lead to the death of Amanda Clarke. She will face up to all she has done throughout the last four seasons. TV Line revealed the following about the remaining episodes of the season.

“Sunil Nayar promises ‘huge amounts of resolution’ in the final episodes of Season 4 – including a “compelling” return from Charlotte, a “life-changing event” on the horizon for David, a “calling on the carpet” for all of Amanda’s past misdeeds and a “definitive change” in her fluctuating relationship with Jack. Ominously titled “Two Graves,” the final episode of Season 4 (and potentially the series) will force Amanda to ‘fess up to her past misdeeds. But will she follow Victoria’s lead and go out on her own terms?”

Nayer teased the potential return of Conrad Grayson to the series before the end of the season. David Clarke stabbed him at the end of Revenge Season 3. He teased that it is not likely, but with Victoria, Daniel, and Conrad all deceased, a reunion on the other side would be humorous to their story.

Madeline Stowe teased to E! News that fans will see some surprises before the end of the season when she was asked if fans can expect any other returns in addition to Charlotte.

As for Ben’s death, the character never really had a chance. He had some development, but Ben was brought in as another stop for Emily on her way to Jack.

What do you think of the death of Ben planned for the Revenge finale?

[Photo: ABC]