Kate Middleton Rumored To Be Overdue, Duchess To Be Induced In Days

Kate Middleton has reportedly already missed her due date after it was alleged that the Duchess Of Cambridge was now overdue.

The Telegraph’s Whitehall sources have disclosed to the publication that Middleton is now almost two days overdue with her second child. This has even led to suggestions that the Duchess will be induced in the coming days too.

The Duchess is believed to have already had a scan at the St Mary’s Hospital’s Lindo Wing, which is located in Paddington, Central London, to check on the baby’s condition in the womb.

The Telegraph’s allegations are different from other reports that the Duchess is due to give birth on Saturday, April 25. It’s even been reported that if the Duchess does not give birth to a little brother or sister over the weekend, then doctors will instigate the discussion of her being induced at the start of next week. However, this will also come down to how comfortable she is feeling at the time. The insider alleged:

“The doctors don’t normally wait for more than a week. They will probably already have been in touch with Kate and talked about which day which suits her best to go in and be induced if the baby doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, Pat O’Brien, who works as a consultant obstetrician for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, insisted that inducing is “a very safe procedure.” O’Brien then explained that it’s usually up to the mother and if she is fed up with being pregnant.

ABC News’ royal contributor Victoria Murphy has also insisted that Kate Middleton wants Prince George and her brother or sister to have as normal an upbringing as possible. In order for that to happen, Kate’s mother and father will have a significant role in their upbringing.

Murphy explained, “The Middletons have had a huge influence on Prince George’s upbringing and will have a huge influence on his little brother or sister’s upbringing.” According to Murphy, “William is very close with the Middleton family. He apparently calls Michael Middleton [Kate’s father], ‘Dad.'”

[Image from Chris Jackson/Getty Images]