Is Leo DiCaprio Using Tinder To Hook Up With Random Girls?

A guy like Leonardo DiCaprio can find women anywhere, but according to the latest gossip, he’s gone high tech. OK! Magazine claims that the actor has been using popular dating app Tinder to browse women who are available for hooking up. Is he looking for love in all the wrong places, or is Tinder going to help the serial bachelor finally find lasting love? Whatever the answer is, droves of women are rushing to swipe left until they find the bearded Hollywood heartthrob on their smartphone screens.

If Leo is really hooking up with women on dating apps like Tinder, what can this mean for the actual women who have been linked to him in recent months? First it was rumored that he was dating “Diamonds” singer Rihanna, but he has been spotted with various models causing those rumors to fizzle. The Venture Capital Post reports that even Rihanna has spoken out against rumors that she and DiCaprio have ever dated. He’s most recently been linked to 24-year-old model Kelly Rohrbach, but if he’s using Tinder it must not be a serious relationship. Have any of his relationships been serious, though?

Leonardo DiCaprio isn’t the only celeb to be rumored to use dating apps and other sneaky technological ways of getting one night stands. Last year James Franco came under scrutiny after he admitted to flirting with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram. He even went as far as to suggest getting a hotel room so that he and the girl could hang out together. Chris Brown has also been accused of using social media to seek out booty calls. TMZ reported that a porn star accused the singer of trying to pay her for sex via Twitter and Instagram. She even posted photos of his alleged penis, claiming he had sent them to her.

Hopefully Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t fall into any scandals like the one James Franco sparked. Using dating apps or social media in general to flirt with people can get you into trouble, as the previously mentioned celebs have illustrated. Of course, any scandals would certainly come to the enjoyment of fans and gossip rag readers who love to see over-the-top things happening to over-the-top people.

Do you think Leonardo DiCaprio is really using Tinder to meet women? If so, does it make you more interested in swiping through the profiles on the popular app in hopes of finding a celeb?

[Photo: 7Sur/Leo DiCaprio]