Bruce Jenner Tells His Transgender Story To Diane Sawyer In A Much-Anticipated Interview

The much-anticipated interview with Bruce Jenner took place on Friday at 9 p.m. on ABC with Diane Sawyer. People have been curious about what was happening as Bruce transitioned from being a man to becoming a woman. Some obvious changes have been noticed for several weeks, but Bruce shared what he wanted people to know to curtail some of the speculation.

Millions tuned in to watch the two-hour special edition of 20/20, titled Bruce Jenner: The Interview, that focused on Bruce Jenner, 65, telling his own story the way he wanted it told. He was emotional at the beginning of the interview and during certain parts of it.

CNN reported that the interview with Jenner was actually taped in February in more than one session. Information was tightly guarded. The few people who worked on the special were not allowed to take scripts home from the network.

Us Weekly reported that Sawyer shared very little information about the interview on Good Morning America on Friday morning. Sawyer commented on the channel’s decision not to share more sneak peeks of the interview ahead of time.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star spoke out for the first time about his transgender identity. Sawyer said this would be Bruce’s last television interview as a man. From now on, he would emerge as a woman. Once known as the world’s greatest athlete, Bruce answered all of Diane’s questions.

During the interview, Bruce said his family knew about his secret. His first two wives were very supportive when they first found out when they were married to him, and they still support him and wish him well. However, there was no comment from Bruce’s third wife, Kris Jenner.

In addition to Bruce, Diane interviewed four of Jenner’s biological children. She did not interview the two children Jenner had with Kris, or with any of his stepchildren. His sister appeared with Bruce during portions of the interview. Pam indicated that she knew about her brother’s desire to become a woman, but she never told anyone, and she and Bruce didn’t speak about it for 30 years.

Bruce began transitioning back in 1984. He took hormones for five years. He had surgery on his nose, removed his Adam’s apple, removed facial hair, and removed chest hair.

Diane said the interview was like saying “Goodbye” to Bruce. He invited her to interview him again in a year to see how things turned out. Diane asked Bruce what he wanted to say to people.

“When you think of me, be open-minded with an open heart.”

[Image courtesy of ABC]