‘Gears Of War’ Remaster In The Works, Perpetuates Current Trend In Industry

Many fans will be excited to hear that, if a report on Polygon holds true, Gears of War will be coming to the Xbox One. Not the new one, reportedly in development, but rather a remastered version of the original game from 2006.

Citing unnamed sources, Polygon is confirming that a new remaster of the first Gears of War title could be coming to coincide with the 10-year anniversary of the game’s release on the Xbox 360. The Gears of War remaster would feature just the original game and not a “Marcus Fenix” trilogy as has been speculated before, as reported on the Inquisitr.

Polygon also states that they have been shown the opening cinematic for the Gears of War remaster, showcasing the game with updated visuals. The cinematics are being done by a studio named Plastic Wax, while it looks as though the actual remaster is being done by Splash Damage.

Gears of War Xbox One Remaster
Locusts look just as menacing as ever in Gears of War it seems.

While the idea of being able to play your old game on a new console is fine, the fact that every major release from the previous console generation is being remastered is starting to become a trend. With consoles that are not inherently backwards-compatible, this seems to be the only way to play your older games on newer hardware. As a result, publishers are taking advantage of consumer demand and re-releasing older games with updated visuals.

Gears of War is simply another example in this trend. Halo: The Master Chief Collection brought the four-major Halo releases onto one disc, with remastered visuals, audio and in the case of Halo 2, new-CG cinematics. It looks as though Gears of War is going that route with the level of the remaster, which continues the trend. Instead of letting consumers play their old games they already have on the new hardware, developers are asking them to buy the game again.

The remaster isn’t stopping the work on the new Gears of War title expected on the Xbox One, and fans should still expect to see something from Black Tusk Studios and Microsoft at E3 in June. Black Tusk boss Rod Fergusson has stressed in the past the need for the next title in the Gears of War series to retain the feel of the older games. However, as Game Informer points out, if the remaster hits in 2016, the next Gears may not hit shelves until after that, which will likely make some fans upset over the news.

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[Image via Polygon, Microsoft]