Make that bikini top disappear as you drink your beer

We all know the jokes floating around about drinking too much beer can get you into all kinds of trouble with the opposite sex and send some running or the door the next morning. Well how about if your trouble started even sooner than that – like as you drink your first beer even.

If Skinny Blonde beer out of Australia has their way that pretty pinup girl on the beer bottle’s label will start losing her bikini top the more you drink from the bottle. The idea first came about three years ago when actor Richie Harkham, 29, along with Hamish Rosser, 34, and artist Jarrod Taylor, 33, came up with the idea over a night of some heavy drinking.

“We had the idea of a pin-up girl from the get go, we thought everyone uses women in their advertising campaigns so why not put it on a bottle?” Mr Rosser, who is the drummer in the Australian band The Vines, told The Times.

“So we had this idea of the disappearing bikini and researched into disappearing ink. Then we did a few trial runs and when we realised it worked we were stoked, we were over the moon.”

Source: Times Online

Unfortunately Skinny Blonde doesn’t seem to have crossed the ocean yet to our side of the world.

[hat tip to Nothing to do with Arbroath]