‘Barely Lethal’ Trailer: A Mix Of James Bond And ‘Mean Girls’?

The first official trailer for the new action comedy film Barely Lethal was released online Friday.

Barely Lethal stars Ender’s Game actress Hailee Steinfield and Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Alba, and a host of other actors and actresses.

The Kyle Newman-directed film focuses on the life after a young international assassin (Hailee) after she fakes her death to try and live the normal life of a high school teenager.

The story seems to get a little interesting when her handler-turned-nemesis (played by Jessica Alba) gets involved and sends Heather (Sophie) undercover to the school.

As you watch the trailer, several other movie titles and similar plot connections may start to emerge within your mind, including (but not limited to) Skyfall and Mean Girls, primarily because of the international assassins/special agents and the stereotypical high school rivalries and social struggles.

Actress Sophie Turner had a chance to talk about her behind-the-scenes experience while shooting the film last year in an interview with ComingSoon.net.

“It was so crazy to go and do something like ‘Barely Lethal’ where all the lead actors, other than Samuel L. Jackson and Jessica Alba, were under 22. We were so immature and so crazy and had so much fun. We had this director as well called Kyle Newman, who is like a big kid himself. It was crazy but we had a really great time.”

Perhaps the relatively young cast adds a little more to the Mean Girls connection.

Barely Lethal is currently scheduled to make its debut on DirecTV April 30. The film will then be released On Demand and in theaters on May 29.

[Image Credit: Entertainment Weekly]