Big Brother Logan Should Have Seen This Coming: His Last Words Will Leave You In Stitches

Big brother Logan was so excited to interact with his little sibling that he made a rookie mistake.

A popular pastime of interacting with infants and toddlers is that you toss them up in the air and catch them. They love it, and it helps build trust between you and them. They know every time they land safely in your hands that you are someone they can depend on.

Unfortunately, you can’t always depend on the baby to show you the same kindness, and after three or four tosses, you’re flirting with disaster.

For big brother Logan, that disaster struck after number three. Before turning you loose on the video, I’ll say this. Each and every one of you, who has experience dealing with babies already knows what will happen.

That still doesn’t make it any less funny, or disgusting.

As for Logan, I’m pretty sure he learned his lesson here. It’s evidenced by his hilarious last words. Rather than spoil it for you, though, I’ll just let you hear them for yourself. Go ahead. It’s Friday, and it’ll only take 11 seconds out of your life.

While I’m not certain what gibberish big brother was saying to the baby as he tossed the little thing into the air, I’m quite certain those last words were “Help… help me!”

Don’t worry about it, Logan. It’s happened to yours truly and every other person who loves babies. You’ll learn from it.

As for the video itself, it’s tearing up the web.

After being posted to YouTube this week, it has already amassed 300,000 views and been a hot trend on Facebook, other social networks, and news outlets like the Mirror.

In fact, voting at the Mirror has this as the grossest video ever recorded (61 percent agree). While I’m not sure that I do — after all, there are much worse things out there on 4Chan — it’s definitely the grossest cute video out there.

Commenters were equally enamored.

“Help me lol!” wrote one. “When my son was an infant, he threw up on me and I was doing just about the same thing. Never again lol”

Some gave Logan kudos for reacting in the best way that he could given he had the child in his arms.

“At least his reaction wasn’t to drop the baby and wipe his mouth lol!”

So there you have it. Logan should definitely have seen that coming, but rather than cry over spilled milk (sorry), I’d say give the boy credit for being a loving big brother, wouldn’t you?